Collaboration with the Princeton Kafka Network (PKN)


The Oxford Kafka Research Centre is collaborating with the newly founded Princeton Kafka Network (Director: Michael Jennings, Vice-Directors: Stanley Corngold and Joseph Vogl) in a consortium where scholars from Princeton, the Humboldt Universität (Berlin) and Oxford will join forces to organize research on Kafka’s work. Particular emphasis will be placed on his literary and historical context, German-Jewish literature during his lifetime. We will examine not only the contributions which many disciplines of thought (psychology, sociology, medicine, theology, law) have made to the understanding of Kafka’s work, but also the many ways in which Kafka’s work has in turn enriched these disciplines.


Between autumn 2009 and September 2012 three workshops will be held: one in Princeton on "Kafka's Late Style", on in Berlin on Kafka's Schloss and one in Oxford on Kafka, Religion, and Modernity. Each of these workshops will bring together senior academics and younger colleagues, including graduate students and post-docs. These workshops and the resulting exchanges and publications will offer decisive opportunities for professional development for graduate students and younger colleagues in these various disciplines as part of an international community of scholars.


Core Faculty:

  • Stanley Corngold (Princeton, German & Comparative Literature)

  • Carolin Duttlinger (Oxford, German)

  • Manfred Engel (Saarbrücken, German)

  • Daniel Heller-Roazen (Princeton, German)

  • Michael Jennings (Princeton, German)

  • Malte Kleinwort (Humboldt, German Studies)

  • Katrin Kohl (Oxford, German)

  • Ernst Osterkamp (Humboldt, German)

  • Anthony Phelan (Oxford, German)

  • Anson Rabinbach (Princeton, History)

  • Ritchie Robertson (Oxford, German)

  • Erhard Schütz (Humboldt, German)

  • Joseph Vogl (Princeton, German; Humboldt, German Studies)

  • Burkhardt Wolf (Humboldt, German)

  • Michael Wood (Princeton, English)