Research Projects

One of our aims is to make available information about current Kafka research projects (theses, long-term research projects, other work in progress, excluding essays and shorter papers). We should therefore be grateful if you could send us a concise account of any such project you are engaged in, and if you could forward this message to other interested colleagues who might not otherwise receive it.

We would be grateful if information could be presented in the following form:

  1. Working title of the project
  2. Date when project was begun, and likely completion date
  3. Description of the project (maximum 10 lines)
  4. Name(s) and university address of researcher(s)
  5. E-mail address and address of personal web page, if applicable

When the project is complete, we shall be happy to list publications arising from it (please send an Amazon-link).

Please feel free to write either in English or German. Your information will be published under ‘Ongoing Kafka Research’ on this website. We reserve the right to shorten texts if appropriate.

We also list current Calls for Papers, if a link is provided.

Please mail information to Manfred Engel or Ritchie Robertson.