The Oxford Kafka Research Centre has received a generous start-up grant from the University's John Fell Fund. In the medium and long term, it depends on raising funds from external sources, not only to promote the study of Kafka but also to support a number of graduate students engaged in research in modern German literature. We hope thus to counteract the decline of interest in the study of German language and culture in Britain, and to strengthen the interaction between Britain and German-speaking countries, by enabling British and other graduates to work in this rich and vigorous research area.

Donations may take one of the following forms:

  1. small donations for specific purposes to be used within a limited time;

  2. substantial donations which can be invested (the preferred option in Oxford's fund-raising programme). At present, an investment normally yields 7% annually, of which half (3.5% of the whole) is ploughed back into capital and the other half available to spend.

Specific purposes to which donations could be directed might include running expenses (c. £3500 p.a.), lecture series by visitors (c. £500 p.a.), fellowships for visiting academics (c. £5000 p.a.), and especially graduate studentships (c. £10000-14000 p.a. for a three-year period).

For online donations - small sums are welcome, too - please use:


and tick "Kafka Research Centre".

Donations for specific projects will be recognized by attaching the donor's name to the project. All donations are tax-deductible. For further information please see: