For the first issue of Tablecloth Magazine over at Goldsmiths, Oxford’s Professor Carolin Duttlinger and Dr Karolina Watroba were interviewed by Tania Arenas about Kafka’s unlikely appeal to ‘Gen Z’. Kafka is finding a new life on TikTok and Twitter with young, mostly female, fans. An excerpt from the interview:

“Kafka was clearly a point of reference for many people during the pandemic, especially with The Metamorphosis,” said Dr Karolina Watroba, a post-doctoral research fellow in Modern Languages at All Souls College at University of Oxford. “I have a whole section about it in my forthcoming book Metamorphoses: In Search of Franz Kafka. Many readers reported rereading the story as a reflection of life in lockdown and estrangement from one’s own body, and there were multiple adaptations in other media that reinterpreted the story in this light.”

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